Flow Recruitment is an independent, boutique employment agency based in Melbourne.  We specialise in the recruitment of market research jobs, consumer insight, research design, strategy, data science and analytics roles.


Flow Recruitment believes in challenging clients and candidates to think, feel, and act differently every day.  We’re part of the new wave of recruiters –we listen, we build on every conversation, we work hard for you and are refreshingly honest, we are precise, attentive and well connected.


We like to listen to people’s life stories, times when you have fought for something you have believed in, when you failed and bounced back, shown originality and dared to be different.


Flow Recruitment works in collaboration with other specialist companies including a leading market research & data analytics employment agency in London, a visa migration agency in Sydney and a psychometric testing & learning development expert in Brisbane.  When it comes to people strategy, we have most bases covered.

James Handley – Founder and Director



James started his career at TNS London.  His role expanded to leading recruitment internally across several of the Kantar brands. He spent five years at Hudson Global (Canberra and Brisbane) before returning to London to help launch Pollen Recruitment (3 years).


James spotted an opportunity to set up on his own in Melbourne, “speaking to market research consultancies and researchers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, it became clear the MR industry was dominated by a couple of long-standing recruitment firms, the need for a new employment agency with London experience and a fresh outlook was very welcome!”


A love for business and culture, people and conversation led him to a tipping point to found Flow Recruitment: a business that helps connect clients with the best people in market research, consumer insight, strategy and analytics.


James lives and breathes Flow Recruitment’s values – excellence, integrity, honesty and passion.