The company name – FLOW – was inspired by the sense of flow and movement.  Being in a flow state, where time feels like it has slowed down, your senses are heightened, and you are at one with the task at hand is the ultimate in engagement and clarity.  It is this definition that we strive for, whether it be in conversation, at work or in mind.


Flow specialises in the recruitment of consumer, cultural and behavioural insight, strategy, marketing, data analytics, data science and market research roles.  This includes quantitative and qualitative research, foresight, trends, futures, behavioural and marketing sciences.


Flow Recruitment believes in challenging clients and candidates to think, feel, and act differently every day.  We listen, we build on every conversation, we work hard for you and are refreshingly honest, we are precise, attentive and well connected. We are proud of our strong success rate from presenting to placing candidates.


We like to listen to people’s life stories, times when you have fought for something you have believed in, when you failed and bounced back, shown originality and dared to be different.


Flow Recruitment works in collaboration with other specialist Recruitment Partners in London, Singapore and LA, USA.  This gives us a global footprint and enables the movement of people and international career moves with ease.  To support this, FLOW has a long-lasting relationship with a visa migration agency in Sydney who keep their finger on the pulse of all new visa legislation.


James Handley – Founder and Director

E:       james@flowrecruitment.com.au

M:     +61 (0) 408 509 289



James founded Flow Recruitment in 2018, a business that connects companies with the best people in data analytics, data science, data engineering, machine learning, AI, marketing, strategy, consumer, cultural and behavioural insight, and market research.


James is an expert in his field.  With twenty plus years in recruitment, seventeen of which recruiting in the Insight, Research and Analytics space, he has helped research agencies grow from start-up phase to established consultancies and built Data & Insight teams from the ground up.


James is an experienced and successful head-hunter.  He combines technical know-how, rigour and passion with the ability to find the most difficult to reach candidates.  His strike rate working on headhunt assignments is exemplary.


James is an advocate for supporting people throughout their careers, giving them the right information and advice when it matters.  He is also passionate about helping businesses grow, through people.


James lives and breathes Flow’s values being excellence, integrity, honesty and passion.